Make Good Money Marketing Products Online

When I think about all the people who get taken advantage of online, I get furious. You see, there really are ethical ways to make money online. The problem is that many people go from a “get rich quick” program to another “get rich quick” program. They don’t see that there is a problem with those programs. Getting rich overnight is NOT REAL. If you want to make the big money online, you need to act like you are a business owner. You can’t make tons of money with a hobby.

So what does a real business have?

A real business has customers who are willing to purchase products. A real business owner must run marketing campaigns to bring in the cash. Without people coming to your website and looking at your products and services, you cannot earn money from home. And this is where so many people get caught up. They don’t know how to market online. What are some good ways to market products online?

There are so many ways to drive customers and potential clients to your business or opportunity, where do you begin. Well, in the beginning, you should keep it simple. But before you can start marketing you need to ask yourself a question. How much money do you want to make? You see, you can’t just come up with a magical number and hope that things will turn out alright. You must have all the pieces to the puzzle in order to succeed online. For example, let’s say that you want to make six figures per year online.

If you hope to accomplish this goal, you must understand how many people will need to purchase your products to make this happen. If you have products that range from $25 to $1,000, you can easily reach this goal. All you would need to do is sell a few $25 products and a few $1,000 products. That’s it. You are a six figure earner. Yay! But how do you get those sales?

Traffic generation is the next step. Without getting people to your products, you won’t succeed. Article marketing, PPC marketing, e-zine advertising and any other legitimate form of marketing will bring you great results. Keep in mind that if you are going to be running paid marketing campaigns it would be a good idea to have a high ticket back-end product. This could be a product that is $1,000 or more.

How to Find Profitable Niche Marketing Products

Simply discovering a great niche might seem like your ticket to success but in all reality you can find the best kept secret niche in the world, but with out the right niche marketing products to sell to it you have really got nothing. Luckily there are some ways to discover the hot niche marketing products that are going to convert like crazy for your niche. Below we will discuss some of the best places to find niche marketing products and what to look for.

The Best place to find hot niche marketing products is Clickbank is great because almost all of their products pay a 50 to 75% commission. So head over to Clickbank now in a separate window and let’s take a look at some products.

When you arrive on the home page click on the link at the top of the page that says ‘marketplace’. If you are not yet signed up as a clickbank affiliate it’s ok, we can still browse through the marketplace. However, I suggest you sign up soon, it is easy and free.

Once we are in the marketplace you will notice there is a box with several different search features. You can search for niche marketing products by category, sub-category, and even by entering a specific keyword. Whenever you do a search you will be provided a list of products that match your search and a brief description of each.

There are certain criteria that we want our niche marketing products to meet in order to assure that they will sell well to our market.

Below each product listed in green lettering you will see:

$/sale – This is how much your commission amount will be for every referral sale.

%/sale – This is the percentage of the product’s sale price $/sale represents ($/sale is more important).

%refd – This is the percentage of sales of the product come from affiliate sales.

grav – This is the “gravity” of the product, or a measure of how many affiliates are promoting it (it’s not a straight count).

Now lets discuss what we are looking for among these things.

Ideally we want the $/sale to be greater than $20. We want to make sure we are getting a decent profit from promoting this product. The %/sale is not as important. just make sure they are paying at least 50% commission or higher. %refd is a good indicator of how well this product has done for other affiliates. If this percentage is low then this is a sign that affiliates who have promoted this in the past have probably not had much success and decided to stop. Grav is the most important factor to consider when looking for profitable niche marketing products to sell. Shoot for a gravity between 60 and 100. Anything below 60 probably isn’t popular enough to sell well and anything over 100 is probably to saturated already.

There are exceptions to this and if you are having trouble finding something within this range it just remember a higher gravity is better than a lower one.

The last thing to check out it the actual sales page of the product in question. Does it seem compelling? Would you consider buying it? Does the sales page copy, layout, graphics and overall visual representation look up to date and appealing? Use you better judgement here. if a product’s sales page seems dull and boring to you then it probably will to your customers also.

Aside from looking through the clickbank marketplace another great method for tracking down hot products to promote in your niche is to browse through some forums that are related to your niche. Often times you will see threads about certain products and what average people who bought them really think.

You may also want to do some searches on Google using keywords related to your niche. Look through the results and see if you can find what other people are promoting in your niche. If you see something that seems to be popular then that it a good sign people in your niche like it and are buying it. Just make sure it is a product that will be worth your while to promote.

Finding good niche marketing products [] that convert is crucial to your success in any niche. No matter how hard you presell and and create traffic if the product is a dud then it won’t sell period. Luckily you are now armed with an array of tools and ideas for finding profitable niche marketing products.

How To Create Information Marketing Products

You have mastered your craft and are ready to go. You have even written down notes. Now, you have to figure out how publishing your information is going to actually happen.

Without any info marketing know-how, you may be preoccupied with some ideas such as ‘how to create a CD’ about it, or ‘how to create an MP3’ so viewers or listeners would acquire the ideas direct from these materials. You may even wonder if you can really sell your ideas.

So how do you possibly hand down all that knowledge to others without feeling overwhelmed?

Perhaps what is needed is to produce information marketing products that would contain all knowledge vital to the end user.

These information marketing products may come in the form of any digital media that could be downloaded or bought online to serve as the channels of information.

The biggest concern would be to come up with the right information marketing product that contains all that is needed to for the end user to put into action.

There are simple steps to follow:

First, start out with something simple that you can develop later. This is something which you have mastered and have kept on doing over and over again. It can be translated into an eBook, put into PDF format capitalizing on the

How to write an eBook is not really something that is very difficult to do.

Secondly, publish your first eBook, learn the process and then market it over and over again. Never upload it onto WordPress; but upload your document to a password protected section on your own server or hosting account.

Use some banner ads to advertise it; test some copy; and do some refining of the eBook when necessary. When feedback, questions and comments come in use those as the foundation of your next info publishing product. You will be surprised at those who read your first e-book crave your further ideas on the subject.

This next information marketing product could be in the form of an audio product. You can use instant Teleseminar dot com or produce a short video tutorial and upload to Vimeo.

So you see, it is not that difficult to undertake the project of creating your first info marketing product. Just don’t get overwhelmed with your ideas and fail to act upon them.. Lots of ideas are of no use, if you don’t put them to action. Start writing your eBook and get to work with your first information marketing product now!

Top Five Flea Market Products That Saturate the Market

Choosing what to sell at the flea market can be difficult. Finding the perfect product, or products, that fills a niche at a low price takes a lot of research. Common sense about what items would sell well at outdoor flea markets in the summer may lead you astray, however. This article covers the top ten flea market products that have saturated the market so much it is hard sell them for a profit.

Flea Market Product – Socks

There seems to be many good wholesale sources for socks, because flea markets are often overrun with them. It is easy to transport and package socks, and almost everyone uses them every day, they have become difficult to sell.

Flea Market Product – Sunglasses

Two different types of sunglass sellers appear at many flea markets: the cheap generic sunglass seller, and the knock off brand name sunglass sellers. Both of these are well represented at most flea markets.

Flea Market Product – Swords and Knives

As unusual as these products might seem, they are very popular flea market merchandise. Where legal, sword and knife sellers can be found in every row of flea market vendors. Unless you find a very unique type of knife, or can offer super low prices, there will be too much competition for you to profit.

Flea Market Product – Cheap Toys

Children are great people to market to at the flea market. Many parents give their kids a dollar or two to spend while the family walks around the tables and booths. However, that does not mean that cheap toys are good sellers. The main type of common toys found at the flea market include pull back cars, dollar store type dolls and trinkets, and plastic play sets with dozens of small parts.

Flea Market Product – Work Gloves

Like the socks, work gloves come in large packs of a dozen pairs. Inexpensive to purchase wholesale, these gloves show up on many flea market tables. Most people I know who need work gloves prefer to purchase thicker leather ones instead of woven cotton or knit.

If you want to begin a business selling at flea markets or swap meets, it is important to do your research about products before you buy. Finding wholesale sources for the above items may be much easier than finding unique merchandise. That, however, is the problem. Too many people show up at the market with the same products. Whoever can sell for the least amount makes the most sales, but realizes very little profit. For true sales success, find a product that no one else is selling.