Is That Marketing Product Really Worth It?

In the world of online marketing today, there are thousands of products and services available to help you improve your business, get more web traffic, and simply earn more money. One problem that I have found is that not only does the quality of products vary wildly, the cost does also. When people buy products online, there is one question that should always be asked, but often isn’t. Is this product really worth it?

The answer to this question is sometimes very hard to discern. Personally, I prefer to look at business purchases on a purely economic basis. Put simply, will buying this product or service result in earning more money than it costs. If you don’t believe that it will, then the choice is an easy one… don’t buy it. It just doesn’t make sense to do so. At this point some of you are probably saying, “if I knew how much money it would make me, it would always be an easy choice.” I would certainly agree with that statement. The cost of the product is usually very easy to calculate, but the earnings can be far more complicated.

When considering the earning potential of a marketing product, there are several things that should be considered. First, look at the expected short-term results. Will the product start driving traffic and sales immediately or will it take several months for the results to start to show up? Also, are the benefits from the marketing product long-lasting such as optimizing your website for SEO or are they short term like a newsletter advertisement? With products that will likely take months to pay off, make sure that you can afford to spend the money now even though you won’t see any earnings from it for quite some time.

Things can be even more complicated with products that don’t have easily trackable results like PR services. An improved company reputation is certainly good for business, but it is very difficult to point to specific sales that resulted from the expense. There is not any easy calculation or estimate that can be done to figure out the earning potential of a product, but be sure that you consider all of the benefits, beyond direct sales and revenues.

There are really two broad types of marketing products and services- Those that you could do yourself and those that you couldn’t. This is an important distinction to make because many products fall into the first category. A good example of this would be paying for an article submission service. You could certainly manually submit your articles to each directory, but it would take a considerable amount of your time. It is important for you to value your time in order to decide if the product or service makes sense for you. Those with more free time to spare, would likely receive a lower value from such a service than the business owner who has absolutely no time to manually submit articles. The value will be different for everyone, so consider your situation and see if it makes sense for you.

Finally, when considering a product or service, step back and consider your motive for purchasing the product. Are you looking to save time with a certain task or for expert advice? If so, you probably have a valid motive to purchase the product. Unfortunately, many business owners purchase these products out of fear or a false feeling of necessity. If business has slowed down or money is tight, it is very common to look for a product that will act as a cure. If you don’t believe me, take a look at all the millions of dollars that have been spent on products that offer instant riches with little to no effort. Keep this in mind… there is no marketing product out there that will bring you lots of money in a very short period of time. Even if there was, the cost of the product would be high enough that it would take time to earn it back. If you find yourself buying a product as a way to “turn things around”, make sure you are very careful. Too many times, people make poor or unnecessary purchases because the were just hoping for change. More often than not, they end up disappointed and with even less money in their wallets.

Network Marketing Products – Is Yours Dead on Arrival?

If your #1 network marketing product is not remarkable, you are invisible.

You need a product people will buy even with no compensation plan. Otherwise, it will take way too much work for anyone to build your business.

I get calls from people who tell me they’re searching for a product that truly inspires them. And that is exactly the wrong way to set yourself up for a long-term successful network marketing business.

Instead, search to find a mob of people raving about a product … THEN

Fall in Love With THAT Product!

Be a passionate advocate for it. Find an MLM product with a HUGE market and fall in love with it.

Some people love to work for companies with a product that fits their self-image … but they can’t make a dime on it.

Do yourself a favor. Focus on the people. Focus on the market. Use Google. Search & compare products. Find something that a ton of people are excited about. Choose a product that everyone else wants.

And then, as you build your people, let them know the wisdom of doing the same thing.

Let me give you an example.

When People Are Excited About a Product, They Run To The Marketplace!

I ask this question of people all the time:

“Do you know anybody who is a diabetic, or who has a blood-sugar disorder?” It’s such a simple question. And yet, never once has anyone told me, “No.”

So my next question to them is, “Do you think that person would like to know about a product that’s all natural, that costs less than $20, that has been proven to help rebuild the pancreas, and can possibly reduce or eliminate their need for insulin?”

The answer is always “Yes,” and they are very excited about that.

And that person YOU know who has a blood-sugar disorder … do you think they may know 10 people who’d like the same information? THAT is the kind of excitement you can create with a hot, sizzle product that has people feeling the difference in days, not weeks or months.

Another example – back in the heyday of Excel long distance service, non-network marketers took the product to the market. We were all paying 40 cents a minute for long distance back then. When Excel started reselling long distance, you paid 30 cents a minute. And if you had your friends & family on it, you got it for 15 cents a minute.

So non-network marketers took that product to the marketplace. They didn’t care whether there was a compensation plan. It was obviously a huge improvement over the 40 cents a minute that everybody was paying.

So do yourself a favor. Find yourself a network marketing product that ALREADY has a huge market, and then fall in love with THAT product. Your business will almost build itself.

Network Marketing Product – Why It’s Critical To Growing Your MLM Business

How important is the network marketing product to growing a successful MLM business? I’m not talking about network marketing in general but just the product.

Whether it’s nutritional, personal care or any other type of network marketing product, it’s long been believed leading with the product when prospecting is not the way to build an MLM business. I’m not so sure about this.

Promoting Network Marketing Products

Without the base products, what has an MLM company got? Nothing, so to say products are not an important part of the business structure is ludicrous. But you don’t see distrbutors mass promoting products when you take a closer look at the world wide web or offline.


Well, network marketers create future big pay days by recruiting. They are taught to recruit and companies know their main bottom line comes from the strength of their distributor force. That’s where the real money is for them.

It’s all about creating a long term sustainable income and while distributors use the products themselves and keep up with their monthly autoship payments there really isn’t any need to mass promote products on a large scale to the general public.

Take a look at some of these facts:

– Did you know traditional network marketing distributors are responsible for over 75% of product consumption within traditional MLM companies.

– The opportunity to make handsome retail profits selling network marketing products are limited. Margins of 10-20% are not attractive enough for distributors to concentrate their efforts in selling the product and to be honest, cheaper alternatives are usually available in many cases for consumers elsewhere.

– Companies rarely incentivize the retailing of products for distributors so the attractiveness to retail them to the public is not really there.

It Starts With Your MLM Product

So how can your network marketing product help build your business? Well, just retailing them won’t create a recurring, sustainable long term income for you but in the early stages of building a business, creating a customer base who use your products is important for two reasons:

– You are creating front end income and volume which is critical during the early building phase because this is where you need supplemental income to support the early spending phase in your business.

– Product users will sometimes become distributors. Yes, believe it or not some will join you in business. It may not happen right away but that’s the beauty of the MLM business… it’s one of leverage and the network marketing product is one cog in the game of leverage.

Internet Marketing Products Not Worth Their Salt

Those seeking to build an income online are besieged constantly with offers of products that will ‘transform’ their efforts multifold. However are they worth their salt and our money?

Sadly or unfortunately, many internet marketing products are not worth their salt (to paraphrase Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe) – a sentiment I agree with and many others also do likewise I’m sure.

Some of the worst are software products that promise the earth, yet either deliver little or fade away after time or require an upgrade in the cost to really provide benefit.

These products may be link builders, traffic generators, article spinners and re-writers or SEO generating software that guarantees improved page ranking.

One of the worst aspects of these products is that usually they are based on a monthly fee and you keep paying month after month – all the while, you are still trying to, at minimum, recoup that fee, let alone actually make a profit.

In the long run, as many have experienced, most of what is ‘offered’ is either available for free or through e-books that can be acquired at a fraction of the proposed costs by some marketers.

The basics of it marketing is easily acquired knowledge – at no cost. Further learning is also at one fingers tips through forums, ezines such as this one – just do a search and see what is here alone. Also many good (read trustworthy) marketers provide online tips and ideas for free on their websites – for example Harvey Segal.

Understandably, most of us like the idea of software that will save us time and bring in an income more quickly. The reality is that it does take time and effort and no software will replace that.

Of course there are programs that make life easier – for example, those that automate our email campaigns, but these are a different kettle of fish than those that will “let us in on a secret that no one else knows” – yeah right. It’s funny how these are still ‘secret’ when being emailed to thousands!

What is most deceptive, to my mind, is that none of these offers refer to the need to have a significant list – nor do they really help you build one.

Any new internet marketer should keep a tight lock on the wallet and really know what is needed and what is out there for free before buying into programs and software that make ‘promises’ to help you also generate thousands of dollars.